PennyLane-Rigetti Plugin



The PennyLane Rigetti plugin allows different Rigetti devices to work with PennyLane — the wavefunction simulator, the Quantum Virtual Machine (QVM), and Quantum Processing Units (QPUs).

pyQuil is a Python library for quantum programming using the quantum instruction language (Quil) — resulting quantum programs can be executed using the Rigetti Forest SDK and Rigetti Quantum Cloud Services (QCS).

PennyLane is a cross-platform Python library for quantum machine learning, automatic differentiation, and optimization of hybrid quantum-classical computations.

Once Pennylane-Rigetti is installed, the provided Rigetti devices can be accessed straight away in PennyLane, without the need to import any additional packages.


Check out these demos to see the PennyLane-Rigetti plugin in action:

You can also try it out using any of the qubit based demos from the PennyLane documentation, for example the tutorial on qubit rotation. Simply replace 'default.qubit' with a 'rigetti.XXX' device if you have an API key for hardware access.

dev = qml.device('rigetti.XXX', wires=XXX)