PennyLane-AQT Plugin



The PennyLane-AQT plugin provides the ability to use Alpine Quantum Technologies’ ion-trap quantum computing backends with PennyLane.

PennyLane provides open-source tools for quantum machine learning, quantum computing, quantum chemistry, and hybrid quantum-classical computing.

Alpine Quantum Technologies is a ion-trap quantum computing company offering access to quantum computing devices over the cloud.

Once the PennyLane-AQT plugin is installed, the two provided AQT devices can be accessed straight away in PennyLane, without the need to import any additional packages.


PennyLane-AQT provides two AQT devices for PennyLane:

Both devices support the same operations, including AQT’s custom rotation and Mølmer-Sørenson-type gates.

Remote backend access

The user will need access credentials for the AQT platform in order to use these remote devices. These credentials should be provided to PennyLane via a configuration file or environment variable. Specifically, the variable AQT_TOKEN must contain a valid access key for AQT’s online platform.