PennyLane-Honeywell Plugin



The PennyLane-Honeywell plugin provides the ability to use Honeywell Quantum Solutions’ ion-trap quantum computing hardware with PennyLane.

PennyLane provides open-source tools for quantum machine learning, quantum computing, quantum chemistry, and hybrid quantum-classical computing.

Honeywell Quantum Solutions provides access to ion-trap quantum computing hardware over the cloud.


The PennyLane-Honeywell plugin is currently in beta release. Expect some features to be updated or change in the future.

Once the PennyLane-Honeywell plugin is installed, the Honeywell Quantum Solutions online devices can be accessed straight away in PennyLane, without the need to import any additional packages.


PennyLane-Honeywell provides Honeywell Quantum Solutions hardware devices for PennyLane:

Remote backend access

The user will need to obtain access credentials for the Honeywell Quantum Solutions platform in order to use these remote devices. These credentials should be provided to PennyLane via a configuration file, device argument or environment variable. Specifically, the variable HQS_USER or the user_email device argument must contain a valid email address for Honeywell’s online platform. Upon a first time login and after 30 days of a successful login, a prompt will ask for the password associated with the user email.