IBMQ device

PennyLane-Orquestra supports running PennyLane on IBM Q hardware via the qistkit.ibmq device. You can choose between different backends — either simulators tailor-made to emulate the real hardware, or the real hardware itself.

IBMQX Tokens

The orquestra.ibmq device will use an IBMQ API token directly passed to the device:

dev = qml.device('orquestra.ibmq', wires=2, backend='ibmq_qasm_simulator', ibmqx_token="XXX")


Never publish code containing your token online.


By default, the orquestra.ibmq device uses the simulator backend ibmq_qasm_simulator, but this may be changed to any of the real backends.

Most of the backends of the orquestra.ibmq device, such as ibmq_london or ibmq_16_melbourne, are hardware backends. Running PennyLane with these backends means that the circuit is sent as a job to the actual quantum computer and the results are retrieved via the cloud and Orquestra.