PennyLane-Rigetti Plugin



The PennyLane Rigetti plugin allows different Rigetti devices to work with PennyLane — the wavefunction simulator, the Quantum Virtual Machine (QVM), and Quantum Processing Units (QPUs).

pyQuil is a Python library for quantum programming using the quantum instruction language (Quil) — resulting quantum programs can be executed using the Rigetti Forest SDK and Rigetti Quantum Cloud Services (QCS).

PennyLane is a cross-platform Python library for quantum machine learning, automatic differentiation, and optimization of hybrid quantum-classical computations.

Once Pennylane-Rigetti is installed, the provided Rigetti devices can be accessed straight away in PennyLane, without the need to import any additional packages.

You can also try it out using any of the qubit based demos from the PennyLane documentation, for example the tutorial on qubit rotation. Simply replace 'default.qubit' with a 'rigetti.XXX' device if you have an API key for hardware access.

dev = qml.device('rigetti.XXX', wires=XXX)