The BasicAer device


Qiskit discontinued their BasicAer device in the 1.0 release, so this device is only available for lower versions of Qiskit. For a simple Python simulator compatible with Qiskit 1.0, use the BasicSim device instead.

While the 'qiskit.aer' device is the standard go-to simulator that is provided along the Qiskit main package installation, there exists a natively included python simulator that is slower but will work usually without the need to install other dependencies (C++, BLAS, and so on). This simulator can be used through the device 'qiskit.basicaer':

import pennylane as qml
dev = qml.device('qiskit.basicaer', wires=2)

As with the 'qiskit.aer' device, there are different backends available, which you can find by calling



Currently, PennyLane does not support the 'pulse_simulator' backend.

The backends are used in the same manner as specified for the 'qiskit.aer' device. The 'qiskit.basicaer' device, however, does not support the simulation of noise models.