This plugin requires Python version 3.9 and above, as well as PennyLane and Qiskit. Installation of this plugin, as well as all dependencies, can be done using pip:

pip install pennylane-qiskit

To test that the PennyLane-Qiskit plugin is working correctly you can run

make test

in the source folder. Tests restricted to a specific provider can be run by executing make test-basicaer, make test-aer, and make test-ibmq.


Tests on the IBMQ device can only be run if a ibmqx_token for the IBM Q experience is configured in the PennyLane configuration file, if the token is exported in your environment under the name IBMQX_TOKEN, or if you have previously saved your account credentials using the new IBMProvider

If this is the case, running make test also executes tests on the ibmq device. By default tests on the ibmq device run with ibmq_qasm_simulator backend and those done by the basicaer and aer device are run with the qasm_simulator backend. At the time of writing this means that the test are “free”. Please verify that this is also the case for your account.