composable_rotations = {'CRX', 'CRY', 'CRZ', 'ControlledPhaseShift', 'IsingXX', 'IsingYY', 'IsingZZ', 'PhaseShift', 'RX', 'RY', 'RZ', 'Rot'}

Operations for which composing multiple copies of the operation results in an addition (or alternative accumulation) of parameters.

For example, qml.RZ is a composable rotation. Applying qml.RZ(0.1, wires=0) followed by qml.RZ(0.2, wires=0) is equivalent to performing a single rotation qml.RZ(0.3, wires=0).

An example for an alternative accumulation is the qml.Rot gate: although the three angles it takes do not fulfil the composable property, the gate implements a rotation around an axis by an effective angle which does.