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# Copyright 2018-2023 Xanadu Quantum Technologies Inc.

# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at


# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""Contains a class for mapping HDF5 groups to Dataset Attributes, and a mixin
class that provides the mapper class."""

import typing
from import MutableMapping
from types import MappingProxyType
from typing import Any, Dict, Optional, Type

from import (
from import HDF5Any, HDF5Group

[docs]class DatasetNotWriteableError(RuntimeError): """Exception raised when attempting to set an attribute on a dataset whose underlying file is not writeable.""" def __init__(self, bind: HDF5Any): self.bind = bind super().__init__(f"Dataset file is not writeable: {bind.filename}")
class AttributeTypeMapper(MutableMapping): """ This class performs the mapping between the objects contained in a HDF5 group and Dataset attributes. """ bind: HDF5Group _cache: Dict[str, DatasetAttribute] def __init__(self, bind: HDF5Group) -> None: self._cache = {} self.bind = bind def __getitem__(self, key: str) -> DatasetAttribute: if key in self._cache: return self._cache[key] h5_obj = self.bind[key] attr_type = get_attribute_type(h5_obj) attr = attr_type(bind=h5_obj) self._cache[key] = attr return attr @property def info(self) -> AttributeInfo: """Return ``AttributeInfo`` for ``self.bind``.""" return AttributeInfo(self.bind.attrs) def set_item( self, key: str, value: Any, info: Optional[AttributeInfo], require_type: Optional[Type[DatasetAttribute]] = None, ) -> None: """Creates or replaces attribute ``key`` with ``value``, optionally including ``info``. Args: key: Name of attribute in HDF5 group value: Attribute value, either a compatible object or an already initialized ``DatasetAttribute``. info: Extra info to attach to attribute require_type: Force the ``value`` to be serialized as this type. If ``value`` is an ``DatasetAttribute``, it must be an instance of ``require_type``. Otherwise, ``value`` must be serializable by ``require_type``. """ try: if isinstance(value, DatasetAttribute): if require_type and not isinstance(value, require_type): raise TypeError( f"Expected '{key}' to be of type '{require_type.__name__}', but got '{type(value).__name__}'." ) value._set_parent(self.bind, key) # pylint: disable=protected-access if info: elif require_type is not None: require_type(value, info, parent_and_key=(self.bind, key)) else: attr_type = match_obj_type(value) attr_type(value, info, parent_and_key=(self.bind, key)) except ValueError as exc: if exc.args[0] == "Unable to create dataset (no write intent on file)": raise DatasetNotWriteableError(self.bind) from exc raise exc self._cache.pop(key, None) def __setitem__(self, key: str, value: Any) -> None: self.set_item(key, value, None) def move(self, src: str, dest: str) -> None: """Moves the attribute stored at ``src`` in ``bind`` to ``dest``.""" self.bind.move(src, dest) self._cache.pop(src, None) def view(self) -> typing.Mapping[str, DatasetAttribute]: """Returns a read-only mapping of the attributes in ``bind``.""" return MappingProxyType(self) def __len__(self) -> int: return len(self.bind) def __iter__(self) -> typing.Iterator[str]: return iter(self.bind) def __contains__(self, key: str) -> bool: return key in self._cache or key in self.bind def __delitem__(self, key: str) -> None: self._cache.pop(key, None) del self.bind[key] def __repr__(self): return repr(dict(self)) def __str__(self): return str(dict(self)) class MapperMixin: # pylint: disable=too-few-public-methods """Mixin class for Dataset types that provide an interface to a HDF5 group, e.g `DatasetList`, `DatasetDict`. Provides a `_mapper` property over the type's ``bind`` attribute.""" bind: HDF5Group __mapper: AttributeTypeMapper = None @property def _mapper(self) -> AttributeTypeMapper: if self.__mapper is None: self.__mapper = AttributeTypeMapper(self.bind) return self.__mapper