The PennyLane device test command line interface.

The pl-device-test CLI is a convenience wrapper that calls pytest for a particular device.

$ pl-device-test --help
usage: pl-device-test [-h] [--device DEVICE] [--shots SHOTS]

See below for available options and commands for working with the PennyLane
device tests.

General Options:
  -h, --help           show this help message and exit
  --device DEVICE      The device to test.
  --shots SHOTS        Number of shots to use in stochastic mode.
  --skip-ops           Skip tests that use unsupported device operations.
  --flaky-report       Show the flaky report in the terminal
  --device-kwargs KEY=VAL [KEY=VAL ...]
                       Additional device kwargs.

Note that additional pytest command line arguments and flags can also be passed:

$ pl-device-test --device default.qubit --shots 1234 --tb=short -x