load(data_name, attributes=None, lazy=False, folder_path='', force=False, num_threads=50, **params)[source]

Downloads the data if it is not already present in the directory and return it to user as a Dataset object.

  • data_name (str) – A string representing the type of data required such as qchem, qpsin, etc.

  • attributes (list) – An optional list to specify individual data element that are required

  • folder_path (str) – Path to the root folder where download takes place. By default dataset folder will be created in the working directory

  • force (Bool) – Bool representing whether data has to be downloaded even if it is still present

  • num_threads (int) – The maximum number of threads to spawn while downloading files (1 thread per file)

  • params (kwargs) – Keyword arguments exactly matching the parameters required for the data type. Note that these are not optional